Sunday, June 21, 2009

Junior Circuit ~ Johor Leg

The Sport Excel Junior Circuit, Johor Leg had just concluded. Congratulations to all Winners and Parents! To the children that were not winners in the Johor Leg, not to worry, there are two more legs of the Circuit to participate before the Grand Prix, and you could be the winners there.

I also pray that all Bowlers, Parents & Coaches, not only from Selangor but also from all other participating States, arrived Home safely. However, I do know that some of you Bowlers went back home, without your Bowling gears. The gears which you had left for safekeeping, were stolen from Ampang Superbowl.

I just hope that the Management of Ampang Superbowl, venue of the Circuit in Johor, would bear some responsibility and help compensate the Bowler, in any way that they can. Maybe Bowling gears distribution companies, could also help to chip in.

As a parent, I do know the hardship, to replace a full set of bowling gear (consisting of three balls, a pair of shoe, the Bag itself, and of course the bits and pieces of accessories, which bowlers have in their arsenal. One of the Youth Bowlers, who lost his gear, is named Razif Sazali from Perak. I know that he is not from Selangor. However, I sympathize with his losses, as I have had the experience when my son lost his bowling gear, not once but twice. The first set in Sunway Pyramid, and another set when my car got stolen.

I have also notice something that is very sad and unbecoming with the sport of Tenpin Bowling ~ Gambling! This happened in Johor and in front of my eyes. Youth Bowlers from Penang betting with money, small as it may be, on Bowlers who is bowling, if the next throw will be a Strike or otherwise. Sadder still is when the Chinese Lady Coach leads with the gamble. She's the one that always accompanies Penang Bowlers to Circuit.

Maybe they are taking this as FUN, but gambling is still gambling no matter which way one looks at it. As a coach, one should be instilling good values to our young bowlers, instead of encouraging them to gamble. I am not trying to ‘butt” into other people or association’s business, but I would not want my children to be coached by such a person. Maybe her coaching duties be terminated or she should be heavily reprimanded.

Hopefully, we shall all meet again in the very near future, Seremban maybe! CHEERS…….

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Next in Line: Sukan Selangor (SUKSES)

The next tournament to be organized is SUKSES. The roll-off was completed last night and I am already hearing controversies.

I received a SMS, late on Sunday evening, informing about the roll-off to be held the next night. To me, this looks a little out of the norm. Something like this should have been planned well ahead of time and all eligible bowlers informed much earlier, not a day before the roll-off.

The topic is now open to whoever wants to contribute.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

MSSM 2009 POST-MORTEM ~An Individual's Opinion

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OUR CHILDREN who had participated in the just-concluded MSSM 2009 Bowling Championship in Sungai Petani Kedah.

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS AGAIN and I believe that each and every one of you went back home with at least a Championship Medal, regardless of Color. You all came back as Champions.

WELL DONE CHILDREN! Kudos and Well Done PARENTS! Without whom these children would not be where they are today.

To the teachers that accompanied them to the Championship, thank you for sacrificing your holidays to be with the team. I am sure that all of you will be writing very nice reports to your superiors, since Selangor are Champions again.

Having said all that, a post-mortem needs to be done, re-evaluation and planning needs to be done now for next year. We must not wait for the very last minute, to hold the District and the State Championship. Planning for the next Championship does not lies on Selangor alone but also the next Championship’s organizers.

This year, I had the opportunity to be around from the district championship, to the State Championship as well as to The MSSM 2009, from start to the end. Listed below are my observations on the events.


1 Please prevent tournament schedule and program to be change at the blink of the eye. Make a sound & proper program and schedule and stick to it.

2 Please ensure that scorers as well as the person entering the scores into the computer software, knows what they are supposed to do and know them well. We had too many incorrect results being announced during prize presentations. Scores had to be tabulated again before the actual winner is re-announced.

There was even a controversy, regarding positioning during the Positioning Round of the Under-12 Boys Masters tournament. This was discovered by the Selangor Contingent’s Management. A formal protest, was supposed to be made by the Selangor Contingent. Unfortunately Selangor never made any.

It is very important the person who enters the scores into the Computer software knows how to use the software properly. It was embarrassing, seeing the person that enters the scores into the Computer software, especially when he is a teacher, trying to figure out what he needs to do.

Selecting the right person to do the right job, should be the practice!

3 Please ensure that the result is updated and screened as updated as possible, at least every two games. The organizer’s excuse for not having updated result was that it will create a disadvantage to the others on the second-block. This is very absurd. Even in the World Championship, results are being updated and screened for all to see, even if there is 4 different blocks.


1 To the District Education Department being entrusted with this responsibility, I extend my congratulation. However, the trust bestowed on you comes with very big responsibilities too.

2 I am not sure about the dates for next years MSSM, but sort of overheard that it would be sometimes in March/April 2010. Basically during the 1st term school holidays. That does not give the Selangor organizers much time to complete the District and State Championships, to select Selangor representatives to MSSM 2010.

3 Entrusting a District Education Department for the management of the Selangor Contingent should be done about now, so that they can start with their planning now. Getting things done is a rush should never be our practice.

4 To all the teachers who accompany the team to games venue, please ensure that the children have enough rest and ensure that they retire to bed early. Please do not have any more “talkimat” or what ever at 10.30pm. These kids should be sound asleep by that time, to be strong and fresh for their game the next day.

5 To the teachers in charge of the Team, please make sure that you lodge any protest, if a protest needs to be lodge. There was this instance during the Boy’s Under-12 Masters Final & Positioning game, where the representative from Selangor should be playing on position 4 and 30 pins behind the 3rd placing, was put to play on position 5 instead. This provided a psychology disadvantage and a different playing field altogether against the 3rd placing bowler. The teacher in-charge found it out prior to the start of the positioning round game but only made very strong verbal protest after the game is over. He was told to make a formal official protest.

As usual, in any controversy within the Selangor Team, the Selangor representative involved is my son. I did not know anything about the wrong positioning issue until I was informed by the teacher states that an official protest will be lodge.

While waiting for the Boys Under-18 Masters to be over, I checked up with all the Selangor Contingent Management Team that was in Ampang Superbowl, and I received all kind of feedback like the meeting discussing the protest is still not over etc…etc… The Selangor Contingent Team Manager also had the cheek to tell my son that he was upgraded to 4th position, while the Selangor Technical delegate tells me that he does not know anything and confirms that the meeting had not come back with the verdict yet.
To my dismay the Step Ladder for Boys Under-12 went ahead without me knowing the result of the protest, and Rafiq being Rafiq won the Step Ladder without much problem. Well done Rafiq.

On this issue my disappointment was that I later found out that there was no official protest from Selangor. The Kedah Organizer was waiting for the official protest from Selangor Contingent, but sad to say this was never done.

The moral of this issue is when you made a decision stick to it regardless of what the outcome will be. We need to be brave and have the guts on what is RIGHT.

6 On a final note, since the DPM who is also the Education Minister, had made a statement that Sports must now start from grass-root level (which is at School level), may I suggest that Unit Sukan from Jabatan Pelajaran Selangor take the cue and start getting their hands dirty into establishing and promoting Tenpin Bowling into all schools in Selangor. I am very sure if DPM made the statement, there will be funds available.

Looking back at the MSSD, Petaling Perdana specifically, who have always been the backbone of MSSS, there are not too many kids in the Under-12 group that took part this year. This is an indication that Selangor do not have a SOUND development program at the GRASSROOT level. This must change and the change must be made now by JPS.

What can be done? For one, it is well known that many of the current bowlers from Selangor will be moving on, like finishing Form 5, Under-15 age group moving on to the next level and Standard 6 pupils leaving the Under-12 group.
MSSS can start, by ensuring that these kids who are in the team and available to represent the Selangor Contingent for next year’s MSSM and not in any Bowling Program be group together and trained by a proper coach.

As the administrator of this Blog who was at the Games, that was my post-mortem for MSSSM 2009. To the other Parents and Bowlers, who were at the Games, please add on your view ~ good or bad.

I apologize if my comment in this Blog hurts or create tensions amongst the reader. However, one must never be afraid of the truth, when the truths are being written.

As usual, please allow yourself to be known. Posting from Anonymous or from person who are not traceable will not get published. Thank You!