Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tidbits of MSSM 2010 ~ QUANTUM PENDANT became a target!

Hello again friends, it’s good to be back home again even if it is only for a while. I have been getting so many feedbacks, regarding MSSM not only from my family but also from parents of bowlers from other states as well. Some of these feedbacks are hard for me to believe.

One of them is regarding my son wearing of the Quantum Pendent. It seems that there is magic in the pendent, some mystic charms are in them, and that it gave my son strength and advantage. What a big joke! He has been wearing them for almost 3 years now after being introduced to it by Shalin, who is one of the Ambassadors of Quantum products. As a matter of fact, everyone in my family has got one. I am wearing one, right now. Why couldn’t the magic of Quantum Pendent fly me back to Malacca, when my son was playing in the Masters the other day?

This complaint came from parents, NOT the bowlers. It might have been made official, so much so that one of the teachers in charge of the Selangor team asked my son to take it off. My son without any hesitation took it off, and while handing it over to his mother, made a remark of how foolish of these people are and told the mother….quote” never mind Ummie, I will prove them all wrong!” Alhamdullillah, he went on played his game and scored a high score of 256, without the Quantum Pendant, and proved all his critics wrong.

Kenapa lah kita orang Melayu niiih mesti berfikiran KOLOT! If Quantum Pendent has got some kind of magic, why couldn’t my son win all the tournaments that he had participated for the past 3 years? Why must I send him for training rigorously week in and week out?

I am not looking for a fight but merely trying to tell everybody that there is no need to throw such slender remarks at others, just because other people is bowling better than your child. Why was there no such remarks made, when their son were winners and not my son? Why do we, as parent, cannot accept that our son is not good enough or not playing well enough to win? Why is it that we, as parent, do not want to teach our children to accept defeats graciously, by accepting THEIR defeats graciously! I feel so ashamed for you, especially to the parent/parents, who made the complaints!

My wife and me, we try our best to teach our children to be humble when winning, and be gracious when loosing. We do not get angry at other people or their children, when our children lost their game and matches, but we encourage them to train more, have more desire to win, so that one day they will win. We also remind them over and over again not to cheat to win. I would rather see them loosing their game than to know that they cheat to become champions! But then again I also teach my children that there will always be a limit to what they can take! However, once the limit had been reach, I have also taught my children to use their rights and give back!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

MSSM Tenpin Bowling 2010

Hello people,

Its been quiet a while since I last made a post on this Blog. Been busy earnign a living. However, some recent development back home in Malaysia, just could not hold me back from posting. So here goes......

Some times ago, the Malaysian School Sport Council announced that their budget had been reduced from the normal RM6 million a year to RM1.5million for the year 2010. Thus they announce the scrapping of 11 sporting events form the normal 24-sport event held every year, for the past umpteenth year. Two of the sport events scrapped was Squash and Tenpin Bowling, the only two sporting events that we as Malaysian, can be really proud of and where we are highly respected, in world sporting arena.

This created a big uproar not only from the young athletes and their parents but also from many renowned sports journalist and former National athletes.

With all the pressure mounting, the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, who is also the Minister of Education, announced the allocation of RM89 million for School Sports, and directed MSSM to reinstate the 11 scrapped sport event back into the 2010 MSSM calendar. Certain people in the Ministry was also reshuffled, I guess we all can figure out the reasons why.

However, what is the REAL TRUTH here? All I know is that these were all BIG promises, promises that many BIG politicians make to get out of a spot, and the real truth is that our young talented school children, who are the real lifeline to Malaysian Sports future gets cheated!

My son is one of the bowlers affected so much so that I created the group “Save Malaysian School Sports and Malaysian Sports Future” in Facebook. Although the group did meet the target membership count, the announcement of the RM89 millon, came before the expiry of the group’s target date. Members of this group came from all walks of life, from school children to ex-Menteri Besar of Selangor to a current Deputy Minister. Whether the Facebook group, created an impact towards this decision or otherwise is not the question here.

I will now relate to what is happening to Tenpin Bowling scenario in Selangor School Sport Council, which I think is the same scenario, as in many other states in Malaysia.

Out of the blue the MSSD was announced. As usual the school children had to pay entry fee to play. No problem Maarn! (Jamaican slang)

Then, the selected bowlers had to pay for the T-Shirts, which they have to wear for the MSSS championship. Now I am hearing of many more idiotic ways that the 2010 MSSS Management team has in store for those representing the State to the MSSM championship to be held next week in Malacca.

Travel to Malacca on April 19, 2010 to have so-called, centralised training there. They plan to have two training session every day till the official training day. Bad planning, in their the quest to chase glory, these teachers, some of whom do not know a thing about bowling, are only exposing the bowlers to injuries, fatigue and getting the bowlers jaded, amongst other things that can happened.

Accommodation will be in a school “Asrama”. Are we in the school holiday period? No we are not. So which school “Asrama” are they going to put our children in? Here itself, I know that the wellbeing of my son is not being considered at all.

These bowlers, I am told will be paid RM10 per day for their meals and then increased to RM12 per day during the championship proper! Are you kidding me? That amount could even get them through breakfast and lunch, let alone to get through to dinner.

I have told my wife to get in touch with one of the teachers, which she did, to ask them to write a letter to some “certain people” that we managed to sort of pull some string, to ask for help in sponsoring the MSSS contingent. Parents cannot send letters ‘on-behalf-of” the Majlis Sukan. We just need the letter from the MSSS organizers, I was informed it’s PPD Klang, and we will send it ourselves through people that we know, to see if we can get some kind of sponsorship for these children. But until now I was informed nothing was sent. So be it lah. Kalau ada yang nak tolong tapi buat sombong badak …..people from Perak will say….”lantak pi le!”

Now, some of the bowler’s parent had got together blocking a few apartment units for the bowlers, with very good rates, for the duration of the championship. Now it is up to the parents of these bowlers if they want their children to stay comfortably, to chip in for the apartment or their children can stay in the “Asrama” I am sure that a few parents will be travelling up as early as April 19 to Malacca, to ensure that their children are well taken care off.

To future districts, who are given the mandate to handle MSSS Tenpin Bowling Team, please do not do things without proper good planning. If there is not enough funds, think how and what you can do, to find funds. There are so many huge corporations/companies and some even “global” companies that you can approach to seek funds. After all these funds are for school children who may one day be the pillars of Malaysian sports.

If you guys do not know how to go about it, seek some advice and discuss with bowlers parents. Some of the parents have been in the “game” decades and who are at the alley week in week out for umpteen years, while some of you teachers within the organising committee, only go to the alley because of MSSD, MSSS and MSSM. Like the Malay saying….”jangan jadik sombong badak!”

If by posting this will create backlash to my son, let me tell you guys that my family is already immune to it. We have threaded on these years despite all the backlashes. My family only owes a few people, a few obligations, as far as my children’s Bowling is concerned. There is much more to Bowling than just MSSD, MSSS or MSSM. I just thank Allah that I am not there in Malaysia, when all this is happening, otherwise…..tak tau lah!

I am calling out and reaching out to all you parents who reads this, please do not just keep quiet and allow these being thrown to our children…..your children! Be honest and speak (type) up!