Sunday, December 19, 2010

All Stars Classic 2010

Well done Esther, and most of all SYABAS to Zul Fauzi.
To Zulmazran and Ameerul, better luck next time.

The end to a glorious Milo Junior International All Stars and the All Stars Classic 2010. We can all ponder back at the results for all the catagories in this year's Championship, which showed that Malaysians are still amongst the Best in the Region at the Elite Level.

However, sadly it looks like we are very far behind in the Under-12 and the Under-15 catagories, especially in the Boys catagory. Results for the Girls of these Catagories cannot show much as not many Singaporean took aprt in the Qualifying.

I wonder where we have gone wrong? Is it because our young Malaysians are not being exposed to the best method of training and development? Are those coaches in the State Development programs, the "Right Coach"? We see lots of very young people coaching in these Development Programs, do they have the right credentials or the experience to provide these services?

There still many "Senior" Coaches available to coach these young potential bowlers. However, to reasons unknown to us, their services were not sought by State Associations, to coach.

Thus, we now see how our young bowlers lacks the basic of the sport as compared to the young Singaporeans. We have not seen the Indonesian and for the fact we have not seen the young Koreans.

Where would the standard of Malaysian Bowling be in 5 years down the road? Malaysian Bowling is currently respected throughout the World! Would we still be in our current position or would we be where Soccer is right now, being nothing as compared to SOuth Korea and Japan, who we easily defeat at almost every championship, many years ago!

Where do we go and how do we go from here? Maybe you readers would have much more to voice out, than me.

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To all the Bowlers rushing to Penang for the Pesta Pulau Pinang Championship, take care and drive safely!