Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Milo Junior International All Stars Boys and Girls Under-15

Another poor result by our Malaysian youth in the Boys Under-15 Catagory. The Champion and runner-up are Singaporeans. Thank God that Rafiq came in 3rd to save our faces again.

Out of the Top 10 position, eight were Singaporean boys. The other Malaysian, Kua Jian Zheng, came in 6th.

I am not sure about the results for the Under-12 and Under-15 girls. We did not do too badly in the Girls Under-12, where 11 of the 18 qualifiers for the Finals are from malaysia. While in the Girls Under-15, Malaysian still hold ground, with a 1-2 finish! Well done Steffira and Victoria Chin!

What more can I say? Results are so clear that Malaysians are now left far behind, especially in the Boys Catagory! What need to be done to stop this rut? Maybe some of you reader would be kind enough to voice out your thoughts through this Blog.

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