Friday, December 31, 2010


In a couple more hours, the year 2010 will bid its final goodbye to us all, with the year 2011, shoving itself into our life as fast as it can.

Let us ALL……MTBC……..State Associations……Officials….Coaches...Bowlers, especially the young bowlers, Ministry of Education….Schools…Teachers and Parents alike, sit back for a moment and reminiscence a little on what had happened to this Sport in 2010.

As a whole, our sport Tenpin Bowling had achieved some good results, Not remarkable but good enough to say that the years had been good. Especially with some of our younger National Team member chalking a few wins here and there. To top it all Alex Liew won us 2 Gold Medals at the Asian Games, although the Asian Games had shown us that we are no longer a Bowling Power house in Asia, loosing our grip to new Kingpins like Korea and Singapore.

We also went through a period of anxiety, when the Majlis Sukan Sekolah Malaysia, axed Tenpin Bowling from the 2010 MSSM Calendar, along with a few other sports like Squash. This led me to create the page, “Save Malaysian School Sport and Malaysian Sports Future” in Facebook, to rally support and put some senses back to MSSM. Thank God Almighty and with all support that the Facebook Page received, including support from the Press, it somehow created the about-turn decision by the Ministry of Education. All the sports that were initially axed was reinstated back into 2010 MSSM calendar.

Then at the recent concluded Milo International Junior All Stars Championship, the Malaysian GIRLS Under-12 and Under-15 categories, showed their mettle, by occupying most of the Bowlers in the Masters Final and winning them. However, in the BOYS Under-12 and Under-15, Malaysian Bowlers were overwhelmed by the Singaporeans. Many may say that is could be due to the many numbers of MQs, these Singaporean Boys took, but it clearly showed that their Bowling Basics is far more superior to ours. This I strongly believe is due to their Development Programs, Coaching and training method.

We have a Sport School in Bandar Penawar in Johor, which is supposed to be the Center of Excellence for Tenpin Bowling, having 4 fully equipped Bowling Lanes. I have been informed that these 4 Bowling Lanes are no longer usable, most probably due to bad or no maintenance, bad management of the Bowling lanes. Now the students at the school have to travel nearly 160 kilometre return just for bowling training. Why is the Ministry of Education not doing anything about this? Personnel involved with the administration and management of Bowling in that school should have been replaced, and the technicians maintaining the lanes and pinsetters, sent for proper training.

MTBC on the other hand MUST have their own Training Alleys equipped with lanes having all types of surfaces available, to provide our National Youth, Back-up Squad and the Elite Bowlers, to be exposed to all kinds of lane surface during normal training.

Another thing is to ensure that the doors into National Training be an open concept, where entry and exits be based on merit. This will ensure every Bowlers to be “on their toes” knowing that their place in National Training is not secured. Those non- performing should be sent out and new young exciting bowlers be brought in. When those sent out improves and performs bring them back in and sent the next non-performing batch out. MTBC…..This is just my personal view.

Grassroots Development is the biggest issue that everyone, from the Sports Ministry, Education Ministry and Parents alike MUST review! A well-planned and executed Development Program MUST be drawn, with proper funding from the Government and Private Sectors. Officials involved with Grassroot Development Programs ARE NOT run by people with personal agendas!

At the same time, please listen to Parents also and not to shove them to the sidelines. It is the Parents that provides our Country with Bowlers of high calibre and potential…..State and National Associations only pick them up when they are almost ready, to polish them into Gems. Without committed Parents, both in terms of Financial and Moral Support, Malaysian Tenpin Bowling will be another global joke! Mark these words of mine.

Lastly but never the least, this Blog wishes to extend a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone in the Bowling Fraternity…..and may the NEW YEAR USHER US BETTER RESULTS in the Local, Regional and World Tournaments! Let us aim for the ever elusive Olympic Gold Medal for Malaysia, when the time comes.



tehsham said...

Happy New Year Bro., Understand that 2011 MSSM will be in Negri Sembilan in April.....

Admin said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you to Shahrul. If MSSM 2011 gonna be in April, then the District and State machinery must start right from January. Hopefully this happens for Selangor too. However, it is going to be a totally new ball game for my son, since this will be his first year in the Under-15 category. Hopefully he makes it thru this year