Thursday, May 7, 2009

The close of a Great 2009 MSSS Championship but a start of another FIASCO

The end of another good Championship and Petaling Perdana is again the MSSS Champions, with majority of her bowlers will represent Selangor in the MSSM at Sungai Petani.

Congratulations to all the Children that won and to all who lost, never give up, your day will come to be champions too.

We MUST not forget the Parents! My congratulations to all Parents, who had diligently supported their children’s passion in Bowling, not only with their time and money but also having to put up with stress….frustrations…anger….despair etc…etc… Still at the end of the day, you parent will put on a big smile to your children, congratulating them or consoling them. I went through it all over again today.

However, having said all that I am very disappointed with the decision made that all these children have to go through a “stay-in” centralized training in Banting.

First, knowing very well that almost 90% of the team for MSSS resides in and around Subang/Shah Alam/Gombak, I find it very difficult to comprehend why the venue for centralized training be held in Banting? Also why must they have to stay in a Hotel in Banting? Logically I think this is a great blunder.

The organizer stating that Banting Superbowl will provide the same lane condition with the ones in Sungai Petani is a BIG Bulls**t. Putting them up at the hotel in Banting for the centralized training is another Blunder, big time. Giving them food allowance and leaving it to these kids to find their own food is totally unacceptable by me. Forget what will happen to the Team, how are the organizer going to answer if these kids gets food poisoning. (Chances is high since I was not assuredthat there will be teachers who will take care of them after the training sessions.)

Centralised training in Banting may be due to the fact that this organizing district for this year is Kuala Langat. However, they must take into account on the environment, facilities and the expenses. Having the Bowlers to stay in a Hotel in Banting, is to me a sheer waste of Government Funds, since the committee were mentioning that these funds comes from the Education Department. We appreciate the assistances, however these funds can be put to better use. One example would be to have the centralized training in Sungai Petani itself, since money had been allocated for Hotel accommodation for May 27 till May 29. Go to Sungai Petani a couple of days earlier than the planned date which id May 30, 2009. This I see as a more logical thinking by the Kuala Langat Organizers.

Or is it because they are all from Banting and that they do not want to take the trouble to have the Centralized Training anywhere else, which means that their convienience comes first, not the children.

Stating that staying together in Banting will give them that “comarade”/Team spirit is too weak a reason for me to understand. These kids knows each other, for all the years that they had been training together, being at Junior Circuits year in and year out. The three days in Banting will not give them any extra edge, as far as Team Spirit is concerned. Almost all the children selected have already got that TEAM SPIRIT in them, long before the MSSM 2009 championship started, and I do not see what the organizers can instill in them, what they already have, in 2 days.

Again I still say that the parents should have a bigger say in this. Having to skip school for the whole of this week, I am not going to let my son skip school again to go for Centralized training in Banting. I will train my son in Ampang SuperBowl at the Summit in USJ, where the alley and the lanes are close to what they have in Sungai Petani. If by not participating in the Centralized Training in Banting means that the organizers will disqualify my son from representing Selangor for the MSSM Championship, I guess I must say …”so be it”!

However, parents, all of you have the last say in this. If parents, combines and support each other and insist that the training be held at an alley which have similar setting, atmosphere and lane condition to the alley in Sungai Petani, which is Ampang Superbowl at The Summit, I am very sure that the Kuala Langat organizers will have to abide with our wishes. Afterall, we the Parents are responsible for what our children are today, Bowlers!

Another note to ponder about…………what happen to the Roll-Off for the Asian School Championship? What happened to Selangor’s representation? Besides Aziem, Syimir and Amirul, who by virtue of representing the country in the last championship, NO Selangor Bowlers were sent for the Roll-Off. For this inexcusable blunder I blame Kuala Langat, since they were given the mandate (di amanahkan) to oversee Bowling for the Year 2009!

This is my say…….what do you other parents say?