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Help Needed for the New Year



dateMon, Dec 28, 2009 at 4:27 AM
subject need trainer

hai, i really want to play bowling. i alrady buy ball. i can play but i want play cranker. anybody teach me, or classes for bowling.

admin's comment: Maybe he means that hewants to play "Hook"

New Year Message

The year has come to a close. Many events had come and gone but we are all still here, by the will of God.

Let us all thank to the Almighty, for all the success, HE had bestowed upon us. Failures are our very own doing.

Many New Year resolutions will be made, during these couple of days, which is good. At the same time, make them with strong commitment and not for the sake of making New Year Resolutions.

May the New Year bring all of you, youth bowlers nation-wide, great success.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Some Pictures from Piala Shalin 2009

These are some pictures that I have in my possession. If other approved authors have more, please add.

Congratulations to all the participants, parents, sponsors, organizers and most of all to SHALIN.
Without her being who she is, this great tournament would never had a beginning. May this tournament keeps on going stronger in years to come.

Again to all that have more picture and you are not one of the author of this Blog, please send them to the Admin at

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Evaluation for Bowlers in the State of Selangor

I have heard from the grapevine, that there was an Evaluation for youth bowlers in Selangor, today at Ole-Ole Bowling Center. This evaluation to select potential youth bowlers to undergo development training under the banner of MSN. Can anybody confirm this?

If this is true, I am baffled why STBA04 Blog or website made no mention of this evaluation. Is this information being withheld and made known only to bowlers and/or Bowler's parents that the STBA04 favors?

The funds for the development program comes from the government's kitty. Let all the youth bowlers in Selangor, who are interested to attend the evaluation take part. STBA04 should stay transparent and impartial. Allow the Evaluators from MTBC do their job.

Just this Blog's two cents worth!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


DATE : DECEMBER 16 & 17, 2009




Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Begining

Selamat hari raya to all. Now that the holiday season is over it's time to get cracking and shed that extra 'lemak' accumulated during the festive getaway. With renewed resolution hopefully all of us will get our acts together in starting the journey in producing our own professionals from our own households, our own backyards; never mind the historical politicking bogging the games or the association, we'll start as usual on our own. After observing the scenarios the last couple of years, conclusion drawn that if one were to make it all the way, he/she will have to go against all odds disregarding whatever happens around, and focus only to achieve triumph, only then one can even dream to be a world beater. Lets face it, only Shalin has reached there and therefore, nobody can really claim they are BIG hearted enough to take that road or to guide our youngsters to the pot of golds. We will still be a 'jaguh kampung' if we continue to bicker with mediocrities around us. So let them be and let us Be. 'Kalau nak tolong, terima kasih, tapi kalau nak suruh kita minta sedekah, takpalah'. SO, LET'S ALL SAME MINDED PEOPLE HELP EACH OTHER IN PURSUING THE ELUSIVE DREAM, INSYAALAAH.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Selaku Adminstrator Blog ini, saya mengambil kesempatan untuk mengucapkan SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL FITRI, MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN kepada semua pembaca dan penyumbang komen2 di dalam Blog ini, tidak kira Ugama. (Bangsa???? Kita semua sudah bangsa Malaysia……1Malaysia)

Hopethat you all had a wonderful and safe celebration, with families and friends!

Di harapkan juga pada bulan baik ini kita semua mengambil ikhtibar untuk merenong jauh dan fikirkan apa yang benar2 telah berlaku dan mengambil langkah untuk membetulkan kesilapan2 yang lampau, supaya anak2 kita akan semua maju dan mencapai lebih tinggi di masa2 hadapan.

Masih ada beberapa lagi kejohanan2, yang bertaraf tinggi di tahun ini,yang akan di pertaruhkan.

Hopefully, there will be lots more topic of discussion in the days to come, especially from the approved authors of the Blog.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Welcome Home

Welcome back home Shalin!

Now have a good rest,
Enjoy the rest of Holy Ramadhan.....
and look forward to Aidil Fitri!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shalin at the World's Women Championship, Michigan US of A

Shalin will be bowling in the final round of 6 more games, to make it to the top 20. She is currently on 17th position with +70 (+/- 200).
There are only 3 foreigners in the top 20 and they are, Paola Gomes from Columbia, at 10th position with a +163. Our Shalin, at 17th position and Aumi Guerra of the Dominican Republic at 20th position with a +30.

Let us all pray for her success, in this final round of 6 gamesand enters the cashers game. where it is the best 4 of 7. Once at that stage, anything can happen.
Her success is also a Malaysian Success.


To keep track on Shalin at the Championship visit

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shalin's 2009 PBA Tour

The Star Tuesday August 18, 2009

Barnes halts Shalin’s run in semi-finals

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia’s Shalin Zulkifli secured her best-ever finish since joining the PBA women’s series last year when she reached the semi-finals of the season-opening Viper Championships at the Thunder­lanes in Michigan on Sunday.

Shalin had defeated top American pro Carolyn Dorin-Ballard of Keller of Texas 4-0 (255-191, 239-194, 276-253, 243-216) in the best-of-seven games first match-play in the morning.
However, her run ended when she was beaten 0-4 (184-225, 239-248, 199-212, 170-246) by another Texan, Lynda Barnes, in the semi-finals.

Shalin, who was part of the Malay­sian women’s team who returned empty-handed from the recent World Championships in Las Vegas, made the top eight quarter-finals on Saturday in a field of 20 top professional bowlers.

To follow Shalin's progess in the PBA Tour 2009, please log into

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tenpin Boling Perpaduan, Hari Merdeka 2009

In conjunction with this year Merdeka Celebration, the Petaling District Tenpin Bowling Association together with MILO & Sportunite, organized a bowling tournament amongst schools in the Klang Valley today, August 15, 2009.

There was a huge turn-out of participants from the Secondary Schools. However, the entry from Primary School is very alarming. There were only 4 teams from the Primary Schools that took part. So much so, that the organizers had to invite make-up teams, from Charity Homes.

Where are the rest of the Primary Schools? Were they not aware of the tournament? This would have been one of the best opportunities for schools to encourage and promote Tenpin Bowling amongst their students, since this is basically a “Fun” Tournament.

Sure enough, the participants had lots of fun during the tournament, especially the children from the Charity Homes. They threw away the basics of bowling and tournament to the winds. All they wanted to do was have great fun. All of them were eagerly waiting for their turn to bowl and some of them kept holding on to the ball while waiting. You also see all kind of bowling styles.

The winner for the Secondary School section was SMK Subang Jaya, represented by Tengku Nazrin, Victoria Chin, Kitty Lo and Wong Mei Yuen. The Individual winner for boys was Azry Haziq and the girl title goes to Wong Mei Yuen.

The Primary School section was won by SK Sri Selangor, represented by Mohd Haikal, Puteri Najia, Sim Wei Liang and Muhammad Nur Hazarizq. The Individual winners were Muhammad Nur Hazarizq and Puteri Najia in the boys and girls category respectively.

This time around, the Organizers presented Trophies, for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for both the Secondary and the Primary Schools. The winning schools ought to be proud of their school team.

The close of the tournament was accompanied by shouts of “Malaysia Bolih! Malaysia Bolih! Malaysia Bolih!” by all the participants. They were later treated to a small “Makan” of Fried Meehoon and Fried Rice with a cup of light juice to drown them down.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Thank you Zainal for the invitation to contribute to your blog.

I am sure a lot of focus has been on the GP Finals. As I've already posted articles on the above subject on my blog and Facebook Page, I thought for a start, maybe your readers might be interested to know the Grand Prix Finals' results in more details.

So as not to repeat myself, you can view an article at A more detailed write-up with photos can be found on my Facebook Page

Happy bowling


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Email facility to contact the Administrator of thisBlog

Hello Bowlers, Parents and Friends,

I have just added a new facility, whereby you can send emails to the Administrator of this Blog.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Now that the Junior Circuit Calendar for the year 2009 is reaching its Finale, I am sure that many a post-mortem should be taking place. State Association, Parents and Bowlers alike should be sitting down, reminiscing what went right or wrong. As far as the Bowlers and their Parents, I am very sure that this is what they are currently doing.

The panicle of Youth Bowling in Malaysia is just round the corner, the Junior Circuit Grand Prix, where the best from West Malaysia is pitted together with our East Malaysia’s best. Not much is known about youth bowlers across the sea, but by looking back at MSSM, I think that they are a force to be reckoned with.

To all the Bowlers who had qualified for the Grand Prix, from East or West Malaysia, WELL DONE. To the rest that did not make it, carry on with the right training and the right coach! Try again next year. For as long as our TEAM MALAYSIA is a Bowling Force in the world, I am sure that the Junior Circuit will go on, because it is from here that new talents, for Malaysia, are discovered.

To MSN, MTBC, MILO, Sport-Excel and all the other sponsors not mentioned, THANK YOU! You guys had been wonderful in promoting and supporting our bowling youth, throughout all these years!

Many parents will be sweating it out, performing beautiful and sometimes funny body language again, in about 10 days from now. Thank you for providing all you can for your children, and most of the time, out of your very own pocket. Never mind about that, it is one small way for us to contribute back to Malaysia, hopefully providing another champion for the country.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Persatuan Tenpin Boling Selangor 2004

I was expecting that the officials of STBA04, who were on duty at the Junior Circuit ~ Selangor Leg, would have taken the opportunity to advertise the existance of their Blog site on the Monitor Screen.

This would have been the best opportunity for STBA04, to inform all the Selangor Youth Bowlers as well as their parent of their Blog.

Anyway, since we do have quite a number of traffic to this Blog, I have added an auto web-link to STBA04 Blog. You can find the web-link at the bottom left of this Blog.

Just clickand it willtake you to STBA04 Blog site

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A platform is now open for comments.

The final leg of the MSN-Sportexcel-Milo Junior Circuit is here. Many will be vying for the few final spots, to get into the Grand Prix for 2009. Witht the circuit being held in Sunway Pyramid, I am sure that we are going to get record numbers of participants.

Remember, unless you identify yourself to the Admin, all your comments will not be published.


Friday, July 10, 2009



This something moving in the right direction. Hopefully this will be a monthly affair and at different venue each month. Saw this advert in Summit and hopefully this had been pasted in all Bowling Alleys in Selangor

Friday, July 3, 2009


Topic is now open for this weekend Circuit at Seremban.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Junior Circuit ~ Johor Leg

The Sport Excel Junior Circuit, Johor Leg had just concluded. Congratulations to all Winners and Parents! To the children that were not winners in the Johor Leg, not to worry, there are two more legs of the Circuit to participate before the Grand Prix, and you could be the winners there.

I also pray that all Bowlers, Parents & Coaches, not only from Selangor but also from all other participating States, arrived Home safely. However, I do know that some of you Bowlers went back home, without your Bowling gears. The gears which you had left for safekeeping, were stolen from Ampang Superbowl.

I just hope that the Management of Ampang Superbowl, venue of the Circuit in Johor, would bear some responsibility and help compensate the Bowler, in any way that they can. Maybe Bowling gears distribution companies, could also help to chip in.

As a parent, I do know the hardship, to replace a full set of bowling gear (consisting of three balls, a pair of shoe, the Bag itself, and of course the bits and pieces of accessories, which bowlers have in their arsenal. One of the Youth Bowlers, who lost his gear, is named Razif Sazali from Perak. I know that he is not from Selangor. However, I sympathize with his losses, as I have had the experience when my son lost his bowling gear, not once but twice. The first set in Sunway Pyramid, and another set when my car got stolen.

I have also notice something that is very sad and unbecoming with the sport of Tenpin Bowling ~ Gambling! This happened in Johor and in front of my eyes. Youth Bowlers from Penang betting with money, small as it may be, on Bowlers who is bowling, if the next throw will be a Strike or otherwise. Sadder still is when the Chinese Lady Coach leads with the gamble. She's the one that always accompanies Penang Bowlers to Circuit.

Maybe they are taking this as FUN, but gambling is still gambling no matter which way one looks at it. As a coach, one should be instilling good values to our young bowlers, instead of encouraging them to gamble. I am not trying to ‘butt” into other people or association’s business, but I would not want my children to be coached by such a person. Maybe her coaching duties be terminated or she should be heavily reprimanded.

Hopefully, we shall all meet again in the very near future, Seremban maybe! CHEERS…….

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Next in Line: Sukan Selangor (SUKSES)

The next tournament to be organized is SUKSES. The roll-off was completed last night and I am already hearing controversies.

I received a SMS, late on Sunday evening, informing about the roll-off to be held the next night. To me, this looks a little out of the norm. Something like this should have been planned well ahead of time and all eligible bowlers informed much earlier, not a day before the roll-off.

The topic is now open to whoever wants to contribute.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

MSSM 2009 POST-MORTEM ~An Individual's Opinion

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OUR CHILDREN who had participated in the just-concluded MSSM 2009 Bowling Championship in Sungai Petani Kedah.

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS AGAIN and I believe that each and every one of you went back home with at least a Championship Medal, regardless of Color. You all came back as Champions.

WELL DONE CHILDREN! Kudos and Well Done PARENTS! Without whom these children would not be where they are today.

To the teachers that accompanied them to the Championship, thank you for sacrificing your holidays to be with the team. I am sure that all of you will be writing very nice reports to your superiors, since Selangor are Champions again.

Having said all that, a post-mortem needs to be done, re-evaluation and planning needs to be done now for next year. We must not wait for the very last minute, to hold the District and the State Championship. Planning for the next Championship does not lies on Selangor alone but also the next Championship’s organizers.

This year, I had the opportunity to be around from the district championship, to the State Championship as well as to The MSSM 2009, from start to the end. Listed below are my observations on the events.


1 Please prevent tournament schedule and program to be change at the blink of the eye. Make a sound & proper program and schedule and stick to it.

2 Please ensure that scorers as well as the person entering the scores into the computer software, knows what they are supposed to do and know them well. We had too many incorrect results being announced during prize presentations. Scores had to be tabulated again before the actual winner is re-announced.

There was even a controversy, regarding positioning during the Positioning Round of the Under-12 Boys Masters tournament. This was discovered by the Selangor Contingent’s Management. A formal protest, was supposed to be made by the Selangor Contingent. Unfortunately Selangor never made any.

It is very important the person who enters the scores into the Computer software knows how to use the software properly. It was embarrassing, seeing the person that enters the scores into the Computer software, especially when he is a teacher, trying to figure out what he needs to do.

Selecting the right person to do the right job, should be the practice!

3 Please ensure that the result is updated and screened as updated as possible, at least every two games. The organizer’s excuse for not having updated result was that it will create a disadvantage to the others on the second-block. This is very absurd. Even in the World Championship, results are being updated and screened for all to see, even if there is 4 different blocks.


1 To the District Education Department being entrusted with this responsibility, I extend my congratulation. However, the trust bestowed on you comes with very big responsibilities too.

2 I am not sure about the dates for next years MSSM, but sort of overheard that it would be sometimes in March/April 2010. Basically during the 1st term school holidays. That does not give the Selangor organizers much time to complete the District and State Championships, to select Selangor representatives to MSSM 2010.

3 Entrusting a District Education Department for the management of the Selangor Contingent should be done about now, so that they can start with their planning now. Getting things done is a rush should never be our practice.

4 To all the teachers who accompany the team to games venue, please ensure that the children have enough rest and ensure that they retire to bed early. Please do not have any more “talkimat” or what ever at 10.30pm. These kids should be sound asleep by that time, to be strong and fresh for their game the next day.

5 To the teachers in charge of the Team, please make sure that you lodge any protest, if a protest needs to be lodge. There was this instance during the Boy’s Under-12 Masters Final & Positioning game, where the representative from Selangor should be playing on position 4 and 30 pins behind the 3rd placing, was put to play on position 5 instead. This provided a psychology disadvantage and a different playing field altogether against the 3rd placing bowler. The teacher in-charge found it out prior to the start of the positioning round game but only made very strong verbal protest after the game is over. He was told to make a formal official protest.

As usual, in any controversy within the Selangor Team, the Selangor representative involved is my son. I did not know anything about the wrong positioning issue until I was informed by the teacher states that an official protest will be lodge.

While waiting for the Boys Under-18 Masters to be over, I checked up with all the Selangor Contingent Management Team that was in Ampang Superbowl, and I received all kind of feedback like the meeting discussing the protest is still not over etc…etc… The Selangor Contingent Team Manager also had the cheek to tell my son that he was upgraded to 4th position, while the Selangor Technical delegate tells me that he does not know anything and confirms that the meeting had not come back with the verdict yet.
To my dismay the Step Ladder for Boys Under-12 went ahead without me knowing the result of the protest, and Rafiq being Rafiq won the Step Ladder without much problem. Well done Rafiq.

On this issue my disappointment was that I later found out that there was no official protest from Selangor. The Kedah Organizer was waiting for the official protest from Selangor Contingent, but sad to say this was never done.

The moral of this issue is when you made a decision stick to it regardless of what the outcome will be. We need to be brave and have the guts on what is RIGHT.

6 On a final note, since the DPM who is also the Education Minister, had made a statement that Sports must now start from grass-root level (which is at School level), may I suggest that Unit Sukan from Jabatan Pelajaran Selangor take the cue and start getting their hands dirty into establishing and promoting Tenpin Bowling into all schools in Selangor. I am very sure if DPM made the statement, there will be funds available.

Looking back at the MSSD, Petaling Perdana specifically, who have always been the backbone of MSSS, there are not too many kids in the Under-12 group that took part this year. This is an indication that Selangor do not have a SOUND development program at the GRASSROOT level. This must change and the change must be made now by JPS.

What can be done? For one, it is well known that many of the current bowlers from Selangor will be moving on, like finishing Form 5, Under-15 age group moving on to the next level and Standard 6 pupils leaving the Under-12 group.
MSSS can start, by ensuring that these kids who are in the team and available to represent the Selangor Contingent for next year’s MSSM and not in any Bowling Program be group together and trained by a proper coach.

As the administrator of this Blog who was at the Games, that was my post-mortem for MSSSM 2009. To the other Parents and Bowlers, who were at the Games, please add on your view ~ good or bad.

I apologize if my comment in this Blog hurts or create tensions amongst the reader. However, one must never be afraid of the truth, when the truths are being written.

As usual, please allow yourself to be known. Posting from Anonymous or from person who are not traceable will not get published. Thank You!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The close of a Great 2009 MSSS Championship but a start of another FIASCO

The end of another good Championship and Petaling Perdana is again the MSSS Champions, with majority of her bowlers will represent Selangor in the MSSM at Sungai Petani.

Congratulations to all the Children that won and to all who lost, never give up, your day will come to be champions too.

We MUST not forget the Parents! My congratulations to all Parents, who had diligently supported their children’s passion in Bowling, not only with their time and money but also having to put up with stress….frustrations…anger….despair etc…etc… Still at the end of the day, you parent will put on a big smile to your children, congratulating them or consoling them. I went through it all over again today.

However, having said all that I am very disappointed with the decision made that all these children have to go through a “stay-in” centralized training in Banting.

First, knowing very well that almost 90% of the team for MSSS resides in and around Subang/Shah Alam/Gombak, I find it very difficult to comprehend why the venue for centralized training be held in Banting? Also why must they have to stay in a Hotel in Banting? Logically I think this is a great blunder.

The organizer stating that Banting Superbowl will provide the same lane condition with the ones in Sungai Petani is a BIG Bulls**t. Putting them up at the hotel in Banting for the centralized training is another Blunder, big time. Giving them food allowance and leaving it to these kids to find their own food is totally unacceptable by me. Forget what will happen to the Team, how are the organizer going to answer if these kids gets food poisoning. (Chances is high since I was not assuredthat there will be teachers who will take care of them after the training sessions.)

Centralised training in Banting may be due to the fact that this organizing district for this year is Kuala Langat. However, they must take into account on the environment, facilities and the expenses. Having the Bowlers to stay in a Hotel in Banting, is to me a sheer waste of Government Funds, since the committee were mentioning that these funds comes from the Education Department. We appreciate the assistances, however these funds can be put to better use. One example would be to have the centralized training in Sungai Petani itself, since money had been allocated for Hotel accommodation for May 27 till May 29. Go to Sungai Petani a couple of days earlier than the planned date which id May 30, 2009. This I see as a more logical thinking by the Kuala Langat Organizers.

Or is it because they are all from Banting and that they do not want to take the trouble to have the Centralized Training anywhere else, which means that their convienience comes first, not the children.

Stating that staying together in Banting will give them that “comarade”/Team spirit is too weak a reason for me to understand. These kids knows each other, for all the years that they had been training together, being at Junior Circuits year in and year out. The three days in Banting will not give them any extra edge, as far as Team Spirit is concerned. Almost all the children selected have already got that TEAM SPIRIT in them, long before the MSSM 2009 championship started, and I do not see what the organizers can instill in them, what they already have, in 2 days.

Again I still say that the parents should have a bigger say in this. Having to skip school for the whole of this week, I am not going to let my son skip school again to go for Centralized training in Banting. I will train my son in Ampang SuperBowl at the Summit in USJ, where the alley and the lanes are close to what they have in Sungai Petani. If by not participating in the Centralized Training in Banting means that the organizers will disqualify my son from representing Selangor for the MSSM Championship, I guess I must say …”so be it”!

However, parents, all of you have the last say in this. If parents, combines and support each other and insist that the training be held at an alley which have similar setting, atmosphere and lane condition to the alley in Sungai Petani, which is Ampang Superbowl at The Summit, I am very sure that the Kuala Langat organizers will have to abide with our wishes. Afterall, we the Parents are responsible for what our children are today, Bowlers!

Another note to ponder about…………what happen to the Roll-Off for the Asian School Championship? What happened to Selangor’s representation? Besides Aziem, Syimir and Amirul, who by virtue of representing the country in the last championship, NO Selangor Bowlers were sent for the Roll-Off. For this inexcusable blunder I blame Kuala Langat, since they were given the mandate (di amanahkan) to oversee Bowling for the Year 2009!

This is my say…….what do you other parents say?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

"THE TEN QUESTIONS" for Dato' Aini

The platform is ready and the route to the door is laid. Now is the time for all the parents of Youth Bowlers In Selangor, to come out with the TOP TEN questions that you would want to ask Dato' Aini.

You can post all the question that you want to ask in here, we will consolidate all the questions, and we set an appointment with Dato' Aini.

The OPPORTUNITY is here for the taking, so just do not waste the opportunity.

Dateline will be two weeks for all the questions to be posted.



Happy Regards,

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Images of Selangor Bowling Future?



These are the Bowlers from Petaling Perdana,who could one day be the future of Selangor Bowling.

Sorry for not having the Girls Under-12, Girls Under-18 and the Boys Under-18 photos. Anyone who have them, please email the photos to me and I will add them in.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What say the Parents & Youth Bowlers?

Our Youth Bowlers are the Future of Tenpin Bowling in Selangor. Is there a need to have a separate association to safeguard the Youth Bowlers' development in Selangor?

What say you?

It would be great to read the pro & cons on the above!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Selangor Youth Joining Kuala Lumpur Development Program

I am sure many of you out there are aware that many Youth Bowlers living and studying in Selangor had taken liberty to join the development program handled by the Kuala Lumpur Association.

It is ok, no problem with this, BUT why are they doing this? Why are they not under the Selangor Development Program? There must be some real good reason that made the decision by the parents.

Maybe these parents would also like to share their experiences and maybe even provide soem constructive suggestions, so that Selangorians will always be loyal to the Association in Selangor.

JUNIOR CIRCUIT 3rd Leg ~ Kuala Lumpur

The 3rd Leg of the Junior Circuit will be held from April 9 till 12, 2009. There are only 7 circuit legs that will be held in Peninsular Malaysia, before the Grand Prix Finals in August 2009.

Waaaaa we are almost halfway into the circuit and yet there is still no news about Selangor Youth Development Progam. Am I wrong or am I not being informed? (my son is selected to the program by the selection committee of MSN)

Looks like it is up to the parents again to provide whatever coaching that they can, frustrated body languages included, to the bowling children. STBA04 where are you?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This Blog is created to provide an avenue for the parents of youth bowlers and those who have the passion for the game in Selangor Malaysia, to voice their frank and personal opinion, suggestion and experiences on the Youth Development in Tenpin Bowling, currently being handled by the State Bowling Association.
As parents and Bowlers with a real passion for the game, our main intension is to ensure that we provide the best, that we can afford, to our children and our Youth. For many of us our children got themselves involved in Tenpin Bowling, some due to their very own initiatives while some were ushered into the game.
I am very sure that many of us parents are seeing the lackluster manner in which the development of Youth Bowling in the State is being carried out. The current situation is that parents are taking the lead in developing their children bowling career individually, without much help or assistance from the State Association. If it was left to the State Association, with their current style of running the development program, our children will keep falling far behind youth bowlers from other states, particularly from Johor, Perak and Penang, who have a well organized youth development program, whereby the parents are encourage to participate and get involved with the program. Many of the parents in the above states are also part and parcel of the respective State Association officials.
In Selangor, I have never been informed officially, regarding the Association General Assembly. Thus I have never been to the Assembly to voice out my opinion, question the Association Committee or the opportunity to vote capable person into the Committee. I see no transparency in the Association, where a small group of people gets together and vote them, into the State Association Committee. This must stop!
As for the State Association membership, I am very positive that a great majority of the active and paying members are our Youth Bowler and some Bowler’s parent. This is due to the ruling whereby if a Youth Bowler wants to participate in the Sportexcel Junior Bowling Circuit, they MUST be active paying members of a state bowling association. If not for this ruling, I am very positive that the membership count of STBA ’04 will dwindled from day to day.
Thus with the creation of this blog, hopefully all parents of Youth Bowlers in Selangor, could spend a little time, to voice out and contribute to this blog. Maybe we as parent and Bowlers with the passion for the sport can change the attitude and the commitment of the State Association. If there is a need to change the current office bearers by those who have no direct or indirect personal interest in the sport and those who are genuine and with the passion in seeing the development of Youth Bowlers in Selangor, so be it.
Note: Comments can be in Bahasa Malaysia or in English. All your comments, views, suggestions and experiences in this Blog, could become documented evidence that a CHANGE IS REQUIRED, we can then pursue this issue further.