Friday, December 31, 2010


In a couple more hours, the year 2010 will bid its final goodbye to us all, with the year 2011, shoving itself into our life as fast as it can.

Let us ALL……MTBC……..State Associations……Officials….Coaches...Bowlers, especially the young bowlers, Ministry of Education….Schools…Teachers and Parents alike, sit back for a moment and reminiscence a little on what had happened to this Sport in 2010.

As a whole, our sport Tenpin Bowling had achieved some good results, Not remarkable but good enough to say that the years had been good. Especially with some of our younger National Team member chalking a few wins here and there. To top it all Alex Liew won us 2 Gold Medals at the Asian Games, although the Asian Games had shown us that we are no longer a Bowling Power house in Asia, loosing our grip to new Kingpins like Korea and Singapore.

We also went through a period of anxiety, when the Majlis Sukan Sekolah Malaysia, axed Tenpin Bowling from the 2010 MSSM Calendar, along with a few other sports like Squash. This led me to create the page, “Save Malaysian School Sport and Malaysian Sports Future” in Facebook, to rally support and put some senses back to MSSM. Thank God Almighty and with all support that the Facebook Page received, including support from the Press, it somehow created the about-turn decision by the Ministry of Education. All the sports that were initially axed was reinstated back into 2010 MSSM calendar.

Then at the recent concluded Milo International Junior All Stars Championship, the Malaysian GIRLS Under-12 and Under-15 categories, showed their mettle, by occupying most of the Bowlers in the Masters Final and winning them. However, in the BOYS Under-12 and Under-15, Malaysian Bowlers were overwhelmed by the Singaporeans. Many may say that is could be due to the many numbers of MQs, these Singaporean Boys took, but it clearly showed that their Bowling Basics is far more superior to ours. This I strongly believe is due to their Development Programs, Coaching and training method.

We have a Sport School in Bandar Penawar in Johor, which is supposed to be the Center of Excellence for Tenpin Bowling, having 4 fully equipped Bowling Lanes. I have been informed that these 4 Bowling Lanes are no longer usable, most probably due to bad or no maintenance, bad management of the Bowling lanes. Now the students at the school have to travel nearly 160 kilometre return just for bowling training. Why is the Ministry of Education not doing anything about this? Personnel involved with the administration and management of Bowling in that school should have been replaced, and the technicians maintaining the lanes and pinsetters, sent for proper training.

MTBC on the other hand MUST have their own Training Alleys equipped with lanes having all types of surfaces available, to provide our National Youth, Back-up Squad and the Elite Bowlers, to be exposed to all kinds of lane surface during normal training.

Another thing is to ensure that the doors into National Training be an open concept, where entry and exits be based on merit. This will ensure every Bowlers to be “on their toes” knowing that their place in National Training is not secured. Those non- performing should be sent out and new young exciting bowlers be brought in. When those sent out improves and performs bring them back in and sent the next non-performing batch out. MTBC…..This is just my personal view.

Grassroots Development is the biggest issue that everyone, from the Sports Ministry, Education Ministry and Parents alike MUST review! A well-planned and executed Development Program MUST be drawn, with proper funding from the Government and Private Sectors. Officials involved with Grassroot Development Programs ARE NOT run by people with personal agendas!

At the same time, please listen to Parents also and not to shove them to the sidelines. It is the Parents that provides our Country with Bowlers of high calibre and potential…..State and National Associations only pick them up when they are almost ready, to polish them into Gems. Without committed Parents, both in terms of Financial and Moral Support, Malaysian Tenpin Bowling will be another global joke! Mark these words of mine.

Lastly but never the least, this Blog wishes to extend a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone in the Bowling Fraternity…..and may the NEW YEAR USHER US BETTER RESULTS in the Local, Regional and World Tournaments! Let us aim for the ever elusive Olympic Gold Medal for Malaysia, when the time comes.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Something to read that would blow your mind

Good morning Malaysians! I just read this acticle and it just support this cause! Although it is in a different sport but still it is the same in Malaysia.

Visit this Blog

Sunday, December 19, 2010

All Stars Classic 2010

Well done Esther, and most of all SYABAS to Zul Fauzi.
To Zulmazran and Ameerul, better luck next time.

The end to a glorious Milo Junior International All Stars and the All Stars Classic 2010. We can all ponder back at the results for all the catagories in this year's Championship, which showed that Malaysians are still amongst the Best in the Region at the Elite Level.

However, sadly it looks like we are very far behind in the Under-12 and the Under-15 catagories, especially in the Boys catagory. Results for the Girls of these Catagories cannot show much as not many Singaporean took aprt in the Qualifying.

I wonder where we have gone wrong? Is it because our young Malaysians are not being exposed to the best method of training and development? Are those coaches in the State Development programs, the "Right Coach"? We see lots of very young people coaching in these Development Programs, do they have the right credentials or the experience to provide these services?

There still many "Senior" Coaches available to coach these young potential bowlers. However, to reasons unknown to us, their services were not sought by State Associations, to coach.

Thus, we now see how our young bowlers lacks the basic of the sport as compared to the young Singaporeans. We have not seen the Indonesian and for the fact we have not seen the young Koreans.

Where would the standard of Malaysian Bowling be in 5 years down the road? Malaysian Bowling is currently respected throughout the World! Would we still be in our current position or would we be where Soccer is right now, being nothing as compared to SOuth Korea and Japan, who we easily defeat at almost every championship, many years ago!

Where do we go and how do we go from here? Maybe you readers would have much more to voice out, than me.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Milo Junior INternational All Stars

CONGRATULATIONS to Khoo Beng Khai & Siti Syazwani for keeping the Malaysian Flag Flying. To Aris, Kar Yen & Victoria, WELL DONE, you guys did a GREAT JOB too!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Milo Junior International All Stars Graded

CONGRATULATIONS TO WAN NADZMI FIKRI and VICTORIA CHIN for their wins in the Boys and Girls Graded Catagory.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I have always anticipated that the STBA04 Blog was NEVER official and it had never got the Blessing from the Association. When the individual owner of the Blog. stops working for the Association, thus the Blog follow suit and dies. The new site as indicated by the owner of the so-called STBA04 Blog do not exist!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Milo Junior International All Stars Boys and Girls Under-15

Another poor result by our Malaysian youth in the Boys Under-15 Catagory. The Champion and runner-up are Singaporeans. Thank God that Rafiq came in 3rd to save our faces again.

Out of the Top 10 position, eight were Singaporean boys. The other Malaysian, Kua Jian Zheng, came in 6th.

I am not sure about the results for the Under-12 and Under-15 girls. We did not do too badly in the Girls Under-12, where 11 of the 18 qualifiers for the Finals are from malaysia. While in the Girls Under-15, Malaysian still hold ground, with a 1-2 finish! Well done Steffira and Victoria Chin!

What more can I say? Results are so clear that Malaysians are now left far behind, especially in the Boys Catagory! What need to be done to stop this rut? Maybe some of you reader would be kind enough to voice out your thoughts through this Blog.

And this is real current state of Tenpin Bowling in Malaysia

The other thing that should be done is to kick out those non-performing National Trainees who had been in there for umpteen years and made no impact at all. There are many of them. Bring in fresh new exciting Bowlers, for example Timmy Tan, Julian Yan, Mohd Rafiq, and Natasha Roslan to name a few, into the program. Keep them all on their toes knowing that they can be kicked out of the program at anytime. In this manner the Trainees will always be on the alert knowing that their place in the program is not secured.

One other thing is that National Youth Team should not compete with kid's tournaments.. OMG really malu!

Can you just imagine that all the National Youth Trainees, who competed in the recent Junior All Stars 9 Pin Tap (Girls Open and Boys Graded Bowlers were given an 8 pins handicap) lost to 14 year old girl and a 12 year old boy? And these young bowlers are NOBODY! Yet while presenting the prizes, the Director of High Performance, have the cheek to tell these National Youth boys and girls to go back and train more? That was heard very clearly by all present. A real embarrassment to the whole Bowling Fraternity in Malaysia!

In the Singapore Sport School, they have, I believe, a combination of these lanes for them to train on. Lanes 1 and 2 are Brunswick Urethane coated, lanes 3 and 4 are AMF Water based coated, Lanes 5 to 8 are Brunswick synthetic surfaces and lanes 9 to 12 are AMF synthetic surfaces. These combinations of various lane surfaces present the best variation available for bowlers to train and equip themselves to compete in practically any surfaces, in the world.

We have, I believe, 4 fully equipped Tenpin Bowling lanes in Sekolah Sukan Bandar Penawar. However, sad to say that rumours states that all 4 lanes are not working and that these children from our Malaysian Sport School, are travelling to JB from their school, near Kota Tinggi area, for training.

Those in charge of Tenpin Bowling in that Malaysian Sport School should be the first to be given the boot! Then let the Domino effect takes its course! Only then there could be hope for Malaysian Tenpin Bowling!

One other idea is to allow any Club to be officially affiliated direct to MTBC and not to State Associations. Once these happens there will be more development programs for GRASSROOT level, I am sure.

People, high up there in the Bowling Fraternity WILL hate me for stating this out, but I am not worried of the truth!

What is Happening to Tenpin Bowling in Malaysia

Hello Everyone…….it has been a very long time since I last make a posting in the Blog. I have been away and busy for the past months.

The Junior All Stars International is currently in progress at Sunway Pyramid Megalanes, and the result for the Under-12 year old is known. If one had been following the MQ rounds, one can easily realise that these young children from across the Causeway, Singapore, are very much better in terms of Bowling Basics than the Malaysian children. This is very obvious in the Boys Category.

In the Boys Under-12 category 9 out of 18 Master qualifiers are from Singapore, and out of the 10 in the Reserves List, 8 of them are from Singapore. The Champion for this category, winning by a mile, is from Singapore. Afiq Irsyaduddin from Perak, came in a very distance second, to help save our face. My son’s performance also did not help much.

Look at the qualifiers for the Under-15 Boys, only 5 qualifiers are from Malaysia and the rest are from Singapore, while another 3 Malaysians are in the Reserves List out of 10 reserves. The Top 5 qualifiers are from Singapore. This shows how bad the current state of Bowling is in Malaysia. Let us see the Final result of the Final currently ongoing. Can one of our Malaysian Youth Bowlers save our face?

We are now far behind the South Korea......give another 3 or 4 years, and nothing is done, we will play second fiddle to Singapore. Yet we call them KIASU!

What I am afraid of is that in the next year Milo Junior International All Stars Tournament, no Malaysian kid will be in the Masters Final in the Boys Under-12 and the Under-15 category, and this will be a disgrace!

Your personal opinion on this is most welcome!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Blog will come alive again................

This Blog will come alive again once the Milo Junior International All Stars Under-15 Catagory Results are known, tomorrow.

To those who had just visited today......please come back again and give your sincere comments to help save Malaysian Tenpin Bowling Future.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
diucapkan kepada semua warga boling Selangor
Maaf Zahir dan Batin

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tidbits of MSSM 2010 ~ QUANTUM PENDANT became a target!

Hello again friends, it’s good to be back home again even if it is only for a while. I have been getting so many feedbacks, regarding MSSM not only from my family but also from parents of bowlers from other states as well. Some of these feedbacks are hard for me to believe.

One of them is regarding my son wearing of the Quantum Pendent. It seems that there is magic in the pendent, some mystic charms are in them, and that it gave my son strength and advantage. What a big joke! He has been wearing them for almost 3 years now after being introduced to it by Shalin, who is one of the Ambassadors of Quantum products. As a matter of fact, everyone in my family has got one. I am wearing one, right now. Why couldn’t the magic of Quantum Pendent fly me back to Malacca, when my son was playing in the Masters the other day?

This complaint came from parents, NOT the bowlers. It might have been made official, so much so that one of the teachers in charge of the Selangor team asked my son to take it off. My son without any hesitation took it off, and while handing it over to his mother, made a remark of how foolish of these people are and told the mother….quote” never mind Ummie, I will prove them all wrong!” Alhamdullillah, he went on played his game and scored a high score of 256, without the Quantum Pendant, and proved all his critics wrong.

Kenapa lah kita orang Melayu niiih mesti berfikiran KOLOT! If Quantum Pendent has got some kind of magic, why couldn’t my son win all the tournaments that he had participated for the past 3 years? Why must I send him for training rigorously week in and week out?

I am not looking for a fight but merely trying to tell everybody that there is no need to throw such slender remarks at others, just because other people is bowling better than your child. Why was there no such remarks made, when their son were winners and not my son? Why do we, as parent, cannot accept that our son is not good enough or not playing well enough to win? Why is it that we, as parent, do not want to teach our children to accept defeats graciously, by accepting THEIR defeats graciously! I feel so ashamed for you, especially to the parent/parents, who made the complaints!

My wife and me, we try our best to teach our children to be humble when winning, and be gracious when loosing. We do not get angry at other people or their children, when our children lost their game and matches, but we encourage them to train more, have more desire to win, so that one day they will win. We also remind them over and over again not to cheat to win. I would rather see them loosing their game than to know that they cheat to become champions! But then again I also teach my children that there will always be a limit to what they can take! However, once the limit had been reach, I have also taught my children to use their rights and give back!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

MSSM Tenpin Bowling 2010

Hello people,

Its been quiet a while since I last made a post on this Blog. Been busy earnign a living. However, some recent development back home in Malaysia, just could not hold me back from posting. So here goes......

Some times ago, the Malaysian School Sport Council announced that their budget had been reduced from the normal RM6 million a year to RM1.5million for the year 2010. Thus they announce the scrapping of 11 sporting events form the normal 24-sport event held every year, for the past umpteenth year. Two of the sport events scrapped was Squash and Tenpin Bowling, the only two sporting events that we as Malaysian, can be really proud of and where we are highly respected, in world sporting arena.

This created a big uproar not only from the young athletes and their parents but also from many renowned sports journalist and former National athletes.

With all the pressure mounting, the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, who is also the Minister of Education, announced the allocation of RM89 million for School Sports, and directed MSSM to reinstate the 11 scrapped sport event back into the 2010 MSSM calendar. Certain people in the Ministry was also reshuffled, I guess we all can figure out the reasons why.

However, what is the REAL TRUTH here? All I know is that these were all BIG promises, promises that many BIG politicians make to get out of a spot, and the real truth is that our young talented school children, who are the real lifeline to Malaysian Sports future gets cheated!

My son is one of the bowlers affected so much so that I created the group “Save Malaysian School Sports and Malaysian Sports Future” in Facebook. Although the group did meet the target membership count, the announcement of the RM89 millon, came before the expiry of the group’s target date. Members of this group came from all walks of life, from school children to ex-Menteri Besar of Selangor to a current Deputy Minister. Whether the Facebook group, created an impact towards this decision or otherwise is not the question here.

I will now relate to what is happening to Tenpin Bowling scenario in Selangor School Sport Council, which I think is the same scenario, as in many other states in Malaysia.

Out of the blue the MSSD was announced. As usual the school children had to pay entry fee to play. No problem Maarn! (Jamaican slang)

Then, the selected bowlers had to pay for the T-Shirts, which they have to wear for the MSSS championship. Now I am hearing of many more idiotic ways that the 2010 MSSS Management team has in store for those representing the State to the MSSM championship to be held next week in Malacca.

Travel to Malacca on April 19, 2010 to have so-called, centralised training there. They plan to have two training session every day till the official training day. Bad planning, in their the quest to chase glory, these teachers, some of whom do not know a thing about bowling, are only exposing the bowlers to injuries, fatigue and getting the bowlers jaded, amongst other things that can happened.

Accommodation will be in a school “Asrama”. Are we in the school holiday period? No we are not. So which school “Asrama” are they going to put our children in? Here itself, I know that the wellbeing of my son is not being considered at all.

These bowlers, I am told will be paid RM10 per day for their meals and then increased to RM12 per day during the championship proper! Are you kidding me? That amount could even get them through breakfast and lunch, let alone to get through to dinner.

I have told my wife to get in touch with one of the teachers, which she did, to ask them to write a letter to some “certain people” that we managed to sort of pull some string, to ask for help in sponsoring the MSSS contingent. Parents cannot send letters ‘on-behalf-of” the Majlis Sukan. We just need the letter from the MSSS organizers, I was informed it’s PPD Klang, and we will send it ourselves through people that we know, to see if we can get some kind of sponsorship for these children. But until now I was informed nothing was sent. So be it lah. Kalau ada yang nak tolong tapi buat sombong badak …..people from Perak will say….”lantak pi le!”

Now, some of the bowler’s parent had got together blocking a few apartment units for the bowlers, with very good rates, for the duration of the championship. Now it is up to the parents of these bowlers if they want their children to stay comfortably, to chip in for the apartment or their children can stay in the “Asrama” I am sure that a few parents will be travelling up as early as April 19 to Malacca, to ensure that their children are well taken care off.

To future districts, who are given the mandate to handle MSSS Tenpin Bowling Team, please do not do things without proper good planning. If there is not enough funds, think how and what you can do, to find funds. There are so many huge corporations/companies and some even “global” companies that you can approach to seek funds. After all these funds are for school children who may one day be the pillars of Malaysian sports.

If you guys do not know how to go about it, seek some advice and discuss with bowlers parents. Some of the parents have been in the “game” decades and who are at the alley week in week out for umpteen years, while some of you teachers within the organising committee, only go to the alley because of MSSD, MSSS and MSSM. Like the Malay saying….”jangan jadik sombong badak!”

If by posting this will create backlash to my son, let me tell you guys that my family is already immune to it. We have threaded on these years despite all the backlashes. My family only owes a few people, a few obligations, as far as my children’s Bowling is concerned. There is much more to Bowling than just MSSD, MSSS or MSSM. I just thank Allah that I am not there in Malaysia, when all this is happening, otherwise…..tak tau lah!

I am calling out and reaching out to all you parents who reads this, please do not just keep quiet and allow these being thrown to our children…..your children! Be honest and speak (type) up!

Monday, February 22, 2010

So Long Farewell

It is close to one year since the creation of this Blog, with the aim to provide a platform for all the disgruntled SELANGOR Youth Bowlers Parents, who love to make all sort of comments on the sidelines. However, sad to say that after it’s creation, only a small number of parents had the guts to come out front and put their dissatisfaction with regards in the way, the state association runs things, into prints for all to see, with a hope that things will change. Things never changed but got even worst with all the issues in school sports.

I will take a break from administration this Blog, and will now do my own things to ensure that my son can get all that he can get, to try and be the Bowler that he can be. I asked for no favours and looks for no favours.

There are members in the Blog, who had been given Blog Author status. It is hoped that they will carry on, while I take my leave. However in order to ensure that the posting of others who are not Author status, to have their postings published, I do need a volunteer to be an Administrator. Please get back to me and we will see what can be done.

Till then CHEERS!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tenpin Bowling in MSSM 2010

My sources from Negeri Sembilan tells me that only the Under-12 and Under-18 age group will be contested, for Tenpin Bowling in MSSM. Can anyone else confirm this? Seems like people are still nowadays do not care about following Big Bosses' orders and directives!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

MSSM Back to 24 Sports with lots more goodies for school

I am very please with what I had read in the Harian Metro and the Malay Mail’s edition, today February 4, 2010.

However, the allocated amount mentioned at RM89 million looks too good to be true, but we will leave it be for the moment. What is important now is to ensure that all the 11 sports axed is reinstated back into the MSSM program. Now you can see that there is money, only if those officers in MOE had dug deep into their thinking hat and figure out how! It’s the “tidak apa” attitude that led us all into the predicament that we were all in!

Statements had been made! Now let us see how the Talk is Walked! MSSM must come out with the revised MSSM Sport schedule and venue immediately, latest by mid-week next week, to really convince us on the current development and the change of heart.

I pray that this is not just a ploy, to quiet things up. That’s the reason why MSSM must come out with the revised schedule and venue for all the 24 sports. Its now mid-February, CNY is just round the corner, everybody will be going on leave/holidays. Before you know it we are at the threshold of March. Time is needed to plan and organize competition at District and State level. Again, State Education departments MUST not take the “tidak apa” attitude when it comes to the planning and organizing these competition.

Action must be taken now by MOE/MSSM to really convince the public. Anyway I will take the wait and see what comes next, attitude!
At the same time, I would like to know, what actions will be taken against these irresponsible Pegawai from the MOE! DPM as Minister of Education must not just sweep it under the carpet. The happenings of the past weeks, makes me wonder whether these official are suitable to hold such positions in the Ministry.

For many more views on this issue go to

Monday, February 1, 2010

Parents want axed events reinstated

Read all about it in the Malay Mail.

Friday, January 29, 2010

SAVE Malaysian School Sports and the Future of Malaysian Sports

This Facebook Group had been covered & published in the Malay Mail, January 29, 2010 edition. You can also read it here......

Come on Malaysians we are being heard......join the group and give your support to Malaysian Children and to the Future of Malaysian Sports!

I am also asked by a journalist if any of you Bowlers or parents would like to write to him your dissatisfaction on the issue.

Write me an email and I will let you know the journalist's email address.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT.... Joint the Facebook Group SAVE Malaysian Schools' Sports and Malaysian Sports Future

We need 500,000 members in this group by end of February 2010, and literally we would be sending signals to the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Youth and Sports that they have failed their KPI.

If we manage to hit ONE MILLION members by end of February 2010, these people better empty their table and leave the Ministry,because THEY have been voted out of THEIR JOBS, by the PEOPLE!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Someone SAVE Malaysian Schools' Sports PLEASE!

Rest assured that the 11 sports drop from the MSSM calendar and several other sports which saw their Under-1`5 category being dropped, have no chance of being reinstated this year.
The Education Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has said more than a week ago that he has no knowledge of the cut in MSSM's annual budget from RM 6 million to RM1.5 and that 11 sports have been axed.
However, nothing has surfaced after that or any mention of him intervening to save the situation.
Then, National Sports Assocaitions (NSAs) of sports dropped by MSSM were called for a meeting by the Sports Division of the Education Ministry and asked to help out to organise the events.
However, the NSAs made an appeal so that these sports are reinstated and organised by MSSM.


under the heading Someone SAVE Malaysian Schools' Sports PLEASE!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

DPM is UNAWARE of the 11 Sports EXCLUDED in the MSSM calender this year

The Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, is NOT aware of the cut of 11 sports from the Malaysian Schools Sports Council (MSSM) annual 24 sports calendar they organise at national level for Under-12, Under-15 and Under-18.
This was disclosed by Tunku Tan Sri Imran Almarhum Tuanku Ja'afar in his closing address at the one-day Olympic Council of Malaysia's (OCM) Conference, to determine OCM's strategic plan for 2011-2016, yesterday evening at the Wisma OCM.
The sports fraternity have been shocked with news of the cut of annual national level sports to be organised because of the annual budget cut from RM 6 million to RM 1.5.


NowI hope that all concerned and caring PARENTS will be brave enough and come forward topost their views on this issue! Wishful thinking.

Monday, January 18, 2010

So many Visitors yet ................

I can see so many visitors from Malaysia visiting this Blog the last couples of days, yet there is no comment to the post of MSSM Bombshell!

School is where the beginning of Malaysian sports and without the proper development of sports in school we can all kiss goodbye to whatever future champions that the school may produce and thus the end of Malaysian sport.

No matter how rich a person is, without real sport development in the school, you are only wasting your time and money coz it will do no good to the children.

Now is the time for all of us to make our stand and post our views, even if you agree with the ammount of funds allocated by the Ministry to MSSM and that Tenpin Bowling will not be contested in this year's MSSM carnival.

Don't just waste your time making your comments during your teh tarik or smoking sessions. Yes,especially during Smoking Sessions in Bowling Alley's Smoking Room. I have heard so many of you stating your strong comments against this decision by the Ministy coz I was also in the smoking room during the just concluded National Close.

Come on Malaysian be brave, a platform is provided here make good use of it. Like I said even if you do agree with the Ministry decision we would like to read your thoughts!

My appologies if this kinda sound a little provocative, but sometimes this is what Malaysian needs so that they will come out from their shell and comfort zone!

Monday, January 11, 2010

MSSM Bombshell!!!!

By The Star Publication

Education Ministry slashes budget for MSSM

THE Education Ministry has dropped a bombshell just eight days into the new year by slashing the annual allocation of RM6mil to RM1.5mil to the Malaysian Schools Sports Council (MSSM), thus forcing the council to cut down on the number of sports in the calendar.

Until last year, the Education Ministry had provided RM6mil annually to the MSSM. A total 24 sports, catering for the Under-12, Under-15 and Under-18 were under the programme.

However, with a tight budget this year, the MSSM had to restrict the number of sports to only 13.

They are artistic gymnastics, gymrama, golf, swimming, athletics, badminton, netball, basketball, volleyball, sepak takraw, football, tennis and hockey. On top of that, all the sports, except for artistic gymnastics, gimrama, swimming and athletics, will not have the Under-15 age group.

This brings forth the second blow to the sports fraternity.

Prominent sports like bowling, squash and archery have been axed from the programme. These are the sports that have put Malaysia on the world map through current world squash champion Datuk Nicol David, Malaysia’s first professional bowler Shalin Zulkifli and archer Cheng Chu Sian won the recurve individual gold at the recent Laos Games.

Archery is also included in the ambitious Road to London programme targeted for the 2012 Olympics.

The others given the chop are table tennis, rugby, cricket, sailing, softball, handball, cross country and chess.

According to an official, many were caught by surprise when informed of the decision to drop the 11 sports.

“The MSSM officials explained that the Education Ministry had reduced the annual budget.

“With the drastic cut in finance, it is not possible to organise all 24 sports,’’ said the official.

However, all state education department sports units were advised to organise the sports that are not in the MSSM calendar at the school, district and state level.

“But this suggestion is not practical as the state will have to source for sponsorship,” the offical said.

Another problem is that the Education Ministry sports awards for 2010 will only be confined to athletes involved in the sports in the MSSM.

“Then there is also the 10 merit points allocated to students to gain entry in universities. The students, active in the 11 sports not in the MSSM, will lose the 10 merit points and this jeopardises their chances.

More importantly, the MSSM’s decision has demoralised a lot of teachers who have been involved in sports,’’ said the official.

Despite the financial constraints, the MSSM have accepted the responsibility to host the Asean Schools Sports Carnival in July.

The carnival, involving all 13 sports in the MSSM calendar, will be held in the Klang Valley. It is learnt that Selangor and Kuala Lumpur have been entrusted to host the events.

The 2010 MSSM programme

Date Sport Host Category

March16-19 Artistic Gymnastics Malacca Under-12, 15, 18 (boys and girls)

March 16-19 Gimrama Penang Under-12,15, 18 (girls)

March 17-19 Golf Negri Sembilan Under-18 (boys and girls)

March 19-22 Swimming Selangor Under-12,15,18 (boys and girls)

May 19-22 Athletics Johor Under-12,15,18 (boys and girls)

June 9-12 Badminton Perak Under-18 (boys and girls)

June 10-12 Netball Putrajaya Under -18 (girls)

June 8-12 Basketball Pahang Under-18 (boys and girls)

June 8-12 Volleyball Kedah Under-18 (boys and girls)

June 8-12 Sepak takraw Kelantan Under-18 (boys)

June 8-13 Football Perlis Under-12, 18 (boys)

June 9-13 Tennis Terengganu Under-18 (boys and girls)

June 8-13 Hockey Kuala Lumpur Under-12, 18 (boys and girls)